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Self-paced intro to java courses for beginners

Learn to code by building video games

What you will build

Project 1

Variables, Classes, Objects

Project 2

Nested Loops, Arrays, Switch

Project 3

Static Variables and Methods

Topics you will learn

How it works

Step 1Click on the free trial button to start learning programming fundamentals
Step 2Follow our step by step guides to finally build real programming skills
Step 3Gain confidence and deploy your games for friends or anyone to play

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Play gidi mice only on desktops

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green iguana

Bought this Java course for my son, and he cannot stop coding games.

green iguana

Bought this course to help teach my nephews and nieces Java. Worth it!

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Tech552 helped me prepare for internship by teaching me Java.

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Wish they offered a course like this at my kid's local school.

No experience required

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone looking to learn how to code. Parents or teachers looking for a way to introduce teens or learners in general to real computer programming with the aid of a guided curriculum. Basically, anyone seeking an easier way to learn to code with java.

We will be using an open source software called greenfoot. It is a visual and interactive tool that makes learning Java easier. Your computer MUST have a Windows OS 7 or a MacOS X 10.10 or later operating system to follow our step by step instructions. Start by clicking FREE TRIAL

This course is recommended for learners as young as 13 years old. However, younger learners can use it too if they are able to follow along the guided instructions. Young adults learning to code often use our platform too to solidify what they are learning elsewhere.

The price is currently $100 for early birds but it will go back up to $500 as we add more courses. However, your one-time fee of $100 grants you access to all of our current and future courses on this platform. We intend to add more courses periodically.

We offer a 7 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course, send us an email within the first seven days of purchase for a refund. Please be aware that all transactions and refunds on our platform are securely, processed and follow the policies of Stripe

You can easily teach students with our courses because we provide step by step instructions with challenges along the way. You just need to guide or supervise the learners. Note that, each student MUST have atleast a Windows OS 7 or a MacOS X 10.10 operating system. No google chromebooks.

Get started by sending an email to:

We recommend that you start with the free trial and work through the introduction section to ensure that this course is a fit for you. Less than 5% of customers seek a refund. If ready to buy the course, click the purchase link at the top or bottom of the introduction section and start learning Java visually. Get started by clicking FREE TRIAL