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Self-paced course to enhance programming logic. Includes a pseudocode generator, code editor, videos, and quizzes.

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Pseudocode AI Tutor

Java Pseudocode AI Tutor

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green iguana

The built-in AI~tutor helps me instantly when I get stuck learning

green iguana

Tech552's Pseudocode~tutor teaches my nephew problem solving

green iguana

Tech552 helped me prepare for internship by teaching me Java

tech552 built-in java AI tutor

Wish an awesome platform like this was offered at local schools




  • Fundamentals of object oriented programming with the Java programming language.

  • How to break down programming problems into small logical steps with pseudocode.

  • May help with generating logical steps of programming problems.

  • May help with learning how to think like a computer programmer.

  • May help with planning and communicating the logic of an algorithm.

  • May aid with learning without generating coding syntax or solutions.

  • Anyone interested in learning how to improve their programming logic.

  • Educators seeking learning tools for their learners with AI constraints.

  • Orgnizations seeking beginner friendly STEM tools to facilitate learning.

  • No, because we've built-in an AI Tutor and an online Java code editor.

  • No, learners won't have to download or install anything to get started.

  • This pseudocode AI generator and Java course is designed with beginners in mind therefore it is suitable for learners of all ages based on aptitude.

  • Pay a one-time fee of only $99 for access to the following below:

  • A custom pseudocode generator to guide you instantly if and when stuck learning.

  • Access to beginner friendly Java programming video lectures and quizzes.

  • Access to a built-in online Java code editor to run your code easily.

  • 1 year of 24/7 technical support via

  • There is no risk to you. We offer 7 days money-back guarantee if you make a purchase but you are not satisfied.

  • Please send emails directly to for a refund within the first 7 days of purchase. No questions asked.

  • Please be aware that all transactions and refunds on this platform are secure, processed, and follow the policies of Stripe

  • Support includes helping you with challenges faced along the way via email.

  • Includes 1 year of technical support for our AI-tutor and Code Editor tools.

  • Get started now by logging in with an existing or new gmail account easily.