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Intro to Programming

Web-based Coding Editor Included

👋 Get notified when I launch my self-paced online Java course for beginners.

The course should help beginners like you learn the fundamentals of programming easily because it includes a web-based Java coding editor so that you can get started learning to code without installing anything.

It will include video lectures and hands-on labs so that you can retain what you are learning.

Slack channel will be available for Q&A

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone looking to learn how to code. Parents or teachers looking for a way to introduce teens or learners in general to real computer programming with the aid of a guided curriculum. Basically, anyone seeking an easier way to learn to code with java.

We will be using a custom built online Java compiler and coding editor that I integrated into the platform. It will make learning Java easier because you won't have to download or install anything to get started. It will work on Windows, Macs, and even Google Chrome Books

This course is recommended for learners of all ages.

A good amount of the content on the platform will be free. However some content as well as the community channel will only be accessible to paying customers. I intend to charge a one-time fee for access to everything. No monthly subcriptions. Your one-time fee will grant you access to all of the current and future content on this platform as well as to the community slack channel for questions and answers. You will be locked in!

There is no risk to you. You can try the free chapters of the course for as long as you want. However, I'm offering a 7 day money-back guarantee If you purchase the course but you are not satisfied with it. All you have to do is send me an email within the first seven days of purchase for a refund. Please be aware that all transactions and refunds on our platform are securely, processed and follow the policies of Stripe

You can easily teach students with my course because I provide step by step instructions with hands-on labs and challeneges along the way. I also provide visual aids that you will be able to easily download. You will just need to guide or supervise the learners.

The course is scheduled to launch in January of 2023. However, you can sign up to be notified once the course is available for sale. Thanks for signing up!