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Bought this Java course for my son, and he cannot stop coding games.

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Bought this course to help teach my nephews and nieces Java. Worth it!

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Tech552 helped me prepare for internship by teaching me Java.

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Wish they offered a course like this at my kid's local school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone looking to learn how to code or learn the fundamentals of programming with Java. Anyone looking for a way to introduce learners in general to real computer programming with the guide of a mentor. This course is for beginners interested in learning the fundamentals of programming with Java.

We will be using a built-in online Java compiler that I integrated into the platform. It will make learning Java easier because you won't have to download or install anything to get started. It will work on Windows, Macs, and even Google Chrome Books. The site is designed to work on computers or laptops with modern web browsers. It may work on tablets and phones, but it is not recommended.

This course is recommended for learners of all ages. I encourage you to try the free trial to see if this course is right for you. If you are a parent looking to introduce your child to programming, this course is a great way to get started because it includes a mentor to help along the way.

A good amount of the content on the platform will be free. However some content as well as access to the community slack channel will only be accessible to supporters. I charge a one-time fee of $295. Your one-time fee will grant you access to all of the current and future content on this platform incuding new projects, labs and quizzes as well as to the community slack channel for questions and answers. Course also includes 1 on 1 support through direct messages on slack. All support is administered through the community slack channel.

There is no risk to you. You can try the free chapters of the course for as long as you want. However, I'm offering a 7 day money-back guarantee If you purchase the course but you are not satisfied with it. All you have to do is send me an email at within the first seven days of purchase for a refund. Please be aware that all transactions and refunds on our platform are securely, processed and follow the policies of Stripe

While learning to code you may get stuck and have questions therefore support includes helping you with challenges you face along the way while taking the course. Support is only available for those who purchase the course. Support includes the ability to DM a mentor directly for help when stuck. Addtional support may be requested by email if needed. All questions will be answered via the slack channel within 24hrs with eithier a solution or suggestion(s). In addition, you have the option of having me review your code via slack in regards to the shopping cart project. I do not offer support or any form of instructions or tutoring outside of the scope of the project(s). Please contact me via email with questions. Thanks

Tech552 is not a coding bootcamp. There are no cohorts or Live Instructions offered. This is not a school. We do not offer tutoring outside of the scope of our project(s). We do not help find or place you in jobs or internships. Please contact me if you have questions. Thanks

The course is available to try for free or buy today. However, the content is still in progress and not yet complete. Planning to have all videos recorded and all content ready by summer. If ready to buy the course, click the login with google that you see anywhere on the website. Login with your gmail then continue on with the course. You will eventually hit a paywall. For those not ready to purchase. No credit card is required to get started. Click the login button to get started for access to the free parts of the course. Thanks for your support and enjoy the course.