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Unlock Your Coding Potential with Our Beginner Friendly Java Programming Course. Includes A Code Editor, An AI Tutor, And 24/7 Assistance When You Get Stuck Learning

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free java AI tutor for beginners

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free java AI tutor for beginners

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The built-in Java AI~tutor helps me instantly when I get stuck learning

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Using Tech552's course and AI~tutor to teach my nephew and niece core Java

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Tech552 helped me prepare for internship by teaching me Java

tech552 built-in java AI tutor

Wish an awesome course like this was offered at my child's school


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  • We focus on problem solving by building a mini shopping cart application.

  • Topics covered include but not limited to the following:

  • Data Types, Variables, Arrays, Operators, Expressions, Statements, Blocks
  • Control flow, Classes, Objects, Methods, Loops, ArrayList, Enumeration, Static
  • Enumeration, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapusulation, UML's etc

  • Anyone interested in learning object oriented programming with Java.

  • Parents seeking tutoring, mentorship and internship support for their kids

  • Educators and learners seeking a hands-on project based Java course.

  • Organizations seeking support or tutoring for their Java students.

  • Anyone that can benefit from mentorship while learning to code with Java.

  • Anyone looking to learn Java easily without downloading or installing anything.

  • We use a web-based custom-built online Java code editor.

  • We also use a web-based custom-built AI Tutor to help learners.

  • Learners won't have to download or install anything to get started.

  • This platform and course is for learners of all ages capable of reading and following the instructions once logged into the platform.

  • Your one-time fee of $99 grants you lifetime access to the following:

  • Access to a live tutor for support through our slack channel 24/7.

  • A project based self paced Java course accessible 24/7 online.

  • A custom Java AI tutor to guide you instanlty if and when stuck learning.

  • A built-in Java code editor and compiler compatible with Java 17.

  • Access to member only infornation on internships, hackathons and job openings.

  • There is no risk to you. We offer 7 days money-back guarantee if you make a purchase but you are not satisfied.

  • Please send emails directly to for a refund within the first 7 days of purchase. No questions asked.

  • Please be aware that all transactions and refunds on this platform are secure, processed, and follow the policies of Stripe

  • While learning object oriented programming with the course, you may have questions therefore, support includes helping you with challenges faced along the way.

  • Get answers to your Java coding questions 24/7 from our custom Java AI-tutor, and human support through our slack chat channel.

  • All questions not answered or clarified by our Java AI-tutor can receive an answer via our slack channel within 24hrs with either a solution or suggestion(s).

  • Receive technical support while leveraging our built-in Java coding editor and AI tutor.

  • Get lifetime access to our slack channel for exclusive content on internships, job opportunities and resume tips.

  • We can create a custom package for you to continue your private learning journey. Please contact us directly via to further discuss.

  • The entire course is not complete yet. However, you can get started on the early chapters today.

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